BaldKnobDucks.com is the website of the Somers & Calhoun families of Little Rock, Arkansas. We have some of the best duck/goose hunting property in the area. Our property is sandwiched between Henry Gray/Hurricane Lake Wildlife Management Area and the Bald Knob National Wildlife Refuge, which it borders (which annually holds several hundred thousand ducks). Our property is just a few miles from the world famous White River, and is inundated with mallards, pintails, teal, widgeons, gadwalls, and other ducks every fall.  There are also thousands of snow geese that use our fields every year.  If you are a serious goose hunter, you can kill geese on our fields. If you are not a serious goose hunter, you will see lots of geese and probably kill a few fly-overs while duck hunting.

Our property is divided into two farms, the North farm and the South farm. Both farms directly border the Bald Knob NWR, and provide excellent duck hunting. The South farm directly borders the Sanctuary. If you have ever hunted the Bald Knob NWR, or know someone who has, you probably know what happens there. Before daylight, it seems like there are millions of ducks flying around, making all kinds of noise. Once the first shot is fired, however, many of them leave for the Sanctuary. The neat thing for us though, is that they all come back in the afternoon. You are not allowed to hunt on any part of the Refuge in the afternoon. That is why the ducks flood the area in the afternoon, many of them arriving on our fields. If you lease a pit, you are free to hunt whenever you want (within the law, of course), but we recommend hunting in the afternoon.

We currently lease out 7 pits and 1 reservoir every year. Please see the Our Pits page for more information.